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Review and Practice Basic Skills to Perform Well on AP English Exam
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Increase your Advanced Placement English Exam Score by 20% or more
Our comprehensive review and exam preparation course materials are designed to increase your overall Advance Placement Exam score by 20% or more - even after just one review and practice exam. Read each short lecture in the study guide and complete the practice exercise. The more you practice, the more you will improve your reading and writing skills.

Advantages of Tutoring by Du Monde's AP Prep Courses:

  • Sample essay exam questions and prompts are similar to what you will see on the AP exam.
  • Your practice essay will be scored using the same basic evaluation criteria and AP guidelines.
  • A college instructor will evaluate each of your practice exercises and provide comments by email.
  • Lectures and practice exercises are taken from actual Honors College Freshman English courses.
  • All test prep packages include some bonus material.
  • Special Bonus Tips - Several Quick Suggestions on how to score extra points on your exam.
  • Low Cost!
Free SampleFree Sample Exercise. Try this free bonus exercise on "How to Create a Strong Thesis Argument" for your essay. This free bonus practice exercise is not part of the Exam Prep and Review study guide packages, but it will serve as a sample of how our mini-lectures and sample exercises are set up.